Join us in fighting for fairness in factual
•  Posted on  July 17, 2018  

Do you work in factual TV production in Canada? We invite you to join with your industry colleagues to improve working conditions and safety, and help make this a sustainable industry.

It’s time to stop assuming we are excluded from the going rates, balanced hours, work security, pay consistency, safe sets and decent treatment just because we happen to work in factual and reality TV. The business if booming (yes it really is!!) and it’s not going away. There’s no reason why we should be treated as if we’re the passing fad.

We’ve been left behind.

The entertainment industry is doing well. Despite a rash of consolidation deals and a shrinking number of production companies, there remains an insatiable demand for video content both in Canada and around the world. That’s true of both the scripted and unscripted genres. Yes only the workers on the scripted productions have access to union contracts and set rules. We’ve been left behind, both by the producers and the industry unions.

Until now.

A group of factual TV workers is coordinating efforts with the CMG to see if there’s enough support to form a union at one or more companies. Such a move could only happen if there is a majority who want it. That’s why you may be asked to join a committee or talk to others about the campaign.

Who can be involved?

Anyone who works in factual/reality production – from story producers to assistant directors, to camera operators and editors to production accountants. All would be most welcome as supporters or committee members.

The Canadian Media Guild hosted a night for Factual TV workers at Bier Markt in Toronto on Thursday, July 19, 2018. Photo by Marta Iwanek.