Why form a union?

Fixing the big problems in our industry–sagging rates, unsafe sets, unrealistic deadlines, unpaid and arbitrary hiatuses–is only possible if we come together as a group and collectively negotiate with the company. Solutions are nearly impossible when people are left to deal with them one-on-one.

This is what we’ve heard from you about what needs to change in our industry:

Health and Safety
– Standards that are respected and the ability to say no to unsafe work
– Paid sick days and health benefits

Work/Life Balance
– Right to say yes or no to overtime hours
– End to arbitrary unpaid hiatuses

Fairness in Pay
– Basic minimums for each job and regular wage increases
– End to wage theft

Consistency of working conditions
– Clear and fair working conditions spelled out in a collective agreement
– No need to renegotiate individual deals every season

Building a sustainable and successful industry
– End to the downward pressure on working conditions that pushes people out of the industry
– Create a positive work environment that attracts skilled workers and encourages them to stay for the long term