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The MediaTech Commons is a free resource that connects Canadians working in digital media. Join the conversation today to share your experience in the Commons and get advice and answers from others in your field.

MTCommonsLogoAvatarSo many of us work from home, or don’t have many opportunities to talk to our colleagues at the office. The MediaTech Commons is our virtual water cooler – a place to share intel and personal experiences from the frontlines of our industries through social media, events, blog posts and more.

The MediaTech Commons is the place where digital media workers can ask questions, discuss issues, vent, celebrate successes, and collaborate as workers to build the digital media industry they want.

Join the MediaTech Commons to make new connections, share your insights, and build a community for the people who make things happen in this important and growing field!

Find out more at the blog, and be sure to participate in our communities on Twitter and Facebook.

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