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An open invitation to the MediaTech Commons

The world of media and tech work is actually a mysterious place. It’s pretty rare that people talk openly about what they do and how it fits into the bigger picture of their industry and their lives. And yet there are lots of reasons we’d be better off if we shared more.

The media and tech fields change quickly and continuously. The money is on the move and so are the jobs. The constant change, the demand that we compete with each other for opportunities, the lack of a sense of the big picture… all this probably works fine for those making the real money. But what about the rest of us? We’re more isolated, less able to stick up for ourselves when we know we’re getting a raw deal, and frankly less able to enjoy our work.

The MediaTech Commons was born from the sense that people who work on the frontlines of media and tech in Canada – as employees, contractors, freelancers, interns – could use a place to share information and ideas, as well as problems and advice. This is your place. We invite you to join and participate. Let’s improve our collective intelligence about what is going on in our sector, and share strategies that can help all of us improve our lot in this vital and growing industry.

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