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Canadian workers call for better media policy

Several unions representing media workers across Canada came together in a historic show of unity at the recent Canadian Labour Congress convention. They sponsored a series of resolutions to save local TV news, protect Canadian media from foreign onwership, support Canada’s film and TV production sector and oppose the tax legislation that would allow the federal heritage minister the power to censor films.

At a media conference organized jointly by CWA Canada (CMG’s parent union), the CEP, ACTRA and CUPE’s Conseil provincial du secteur des communications, the unions highlighted the threats that have emerged in Canada over the last 15 years.

“What we are seeing is a collousness in the media that is unparalleled,” charged CWA Canada’s Arnold Amber, pointing to job cuts at virtually every local newspaper in the country and the thirteen-month lockout at Quebecor’s Journal de Qu

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