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CMG calls on CBC/Radio-Canada’s Board of Directors

CBC/Radio-Canada, our public broadcaster, belongs to all Canadians whom you represent as Board members.  We are calling on you to be its champions. We need to know what you are doing at this crucial time.

On April 10, when CBC President and CEO Hubert Lacroix announced yet another round of significant cuts, many employees wanted to know who is going to be their public champion. Who is going to stand up to defend the CBC as a Canadian institution?

As the members of the CBC’s Board of Directors, you are responsible for the stewardship of a national public broadcaster with 70 years of proud tradition.

The CBC exists to serve Canadians: to ensure a public space for national issues; to help us share our values, ideas and identity; to promote national unity and Canadian arts, music and talent.
One of the primary motivating factors for the creation of the CBC was the need to preserve and protect Canadian culture and interests against the pervasive and ruthless pressures of the private sector, most notably the US media industry.

Our country grows and changes. CBC has demonstrated that it can be there to accompany us all, reflecting the shifts and shining a light on the challenges as we work our way through them.
Public broadcasting has a rich history, and plays a fundamental role in the culture and society of nearly every developed democracy.

Carmel Smyth
Canadian Media Guild

Marc-Philippe Laurin
President, CBC/Radio-Canada Branch
Canadian Media Guild
Under the federal Broadcasting Act, the CBC’s Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that our public broadcaster lives up to its mandate. It is made up of 12 members, all appointed by the current Conservative government:

Rémi Racine, Montréal, QC
Edward W. Boyd, Toronto, ON
Peter D. Charbonneau, Ottawa, ON
George Cooper, Halifax, NS
Pierre Gingras, Blainville, QC
Cecil Hawkins, Toronto, ON
Marni Larkin, Winnipeg, MB
Terrence Anthony Leier, Regina, SK
Maureen McCaw, Edmonton, AB
Brian R. Mitchell, Montréal, QC
Marlie Oden, Vancouver, BC
Hubert T. Lacroix, Montréal, QC

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