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Factual TV workers produce guide to working in the industry

Factual TV workers have collaborated with the Canadian Media Guild to produce the first-ever Guide to working in Canada’s factual TV industry.

Download a PDF version of the guide

“Between them, the workers who contributed to this guide have more than 100 years of experience in TV production,” says CMG president Carmel Smyth. “Lack of information and fear of speaking up are two of the realities that undermine decent and safe working standards. The guide is part of our campaign to improve awareness of peoples’ rights, of the industry, and of what they should expect at work. We’re very proud of the workers who made the guide a reality.”

The Guide gives workers a sense of how production companies are structured, explains laws related to health and safety in the workplace, and gives tips to workers on where to find work and how to negotiate a fair individual contract.

CMG organizers continue to collect signatures from workers interested in collective bargaining in the factual sector. We are aiming for voluntary recognition from production companies to negotiate a sector-wide agreement that includes decent standards of work.

For more information about the campaign or the guide, please get in touch with CMG organizer Karen Wirsig (karen@cmg.ca). If you know anyone working in independent TV production, please urge them to get in touch.


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