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CMG reaching out to start a public conversation about strengthening TVO

We are reaching out to decision makers to help start a serious, public conversation about strengthening TVO as a vibrant public broadcaster that remains relevant to Ontarians.

The recent cuts were difficult, especially for colleagues who lost their jobs, and we think the decisions did not reflect all the possibilities of an innovative TVO.

With the leadership race for the Liberal Party of Ontario underway, we are asking the candidates, as well as the leaders of the NDP, the Green Party and Progressive Conservatives, to share their views on improving the provincial broadcaster.

We want to make sure TVO harnesses public resources to help anchor the important audio-visual sector in the province, even as it deals with economic pressure and technological change. We see opportunities for TVO to be more innovative and better serve the audience with high-quality television and digital programming. We are concerned about the drop over the last few years in production of original content, especially for television.

We also raise the issue of TVO’s editorial independence and integrity which is fundamental to the vitality and success of the broadcaster, and we will be seeking measures to enhance them.

Regarding a new collective agreement, we want you to know that the company has been dragging its feet on starting negotiations. As you know, the agreement expired nearly three months ago. Although Guild members are still covered by the previous contract, it’s obvious to us that there are changes and improvements that need to be made, and we want to get to the table sooner rather than later.

We will keep you updated, and as always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Gregg Thurlbeck
CMG President at TVO

Carmel Smyth
National President, CMG


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