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CMG will look for continued support for TVO in May 2 provincial budget

Next week, Premier Kathleen Wynne will outline her government’s financial plans for the province. We will be looking for a budget that reflects Ontarians’ interests, including strong support for our provincial, publicly funded educational broadcasters.

Early this year, following challenging cuts at TVO,  CMG asked the four major Ontario parties to share their views on the provincial broadcaster, and to indicate their commitment to a vibrant, independent  TVO.

We received thoughtful responses from  the Green Party of Ontario , the Ontario NDP, and then-Liberal Party leadership candidate Kathleen Wynne. The Ontario Progressive Conservatives did not answer our questions.

It’s encouraging that the three parties that did answer recognize “the important contribution” and “the foundational role” of a “strong and healthy” TVO in the province’s broadcasting, cultural and educational landscape. The three parties support enhanced programming that’s relevant to all Ontarians in the various regions of the province; long-term sustainability of TVO; as well as a transparent and non-partisan method for selecting the CEO and Board Chair of TVO. We will continue to make the case for original TV programming as an essential part of a digital media strategy.

On May 2, we will be looking for a budget that clearly supports public broadcasting on behalf of Ontarians, as well as a healthy balance of high-quality television and digital programming.

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