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Fighting for CBC at the People’s Social Forum

Ottawa CMG/CBC location unit president Chantal Payant was part of a team speaking up for increased funding for the CBC at a unique event in Ottawa. Over five thousand social justice advocates, community activists, academics and union members from across the country participated in the People’s Social Forum at the University of Ottawa, brainstorming ways to improve Canada’s quality of life.

Session at the People's Social Forum on Funding the CBC
Session at the People’s Social Forum on Funding the CBC

We were happy to share our pride in and support for public broadcasting and quality journalism. The session also served as a call for help in pressuring the federal government to increase funding for the CBC.

CMG continues to work closely with other allies including the CBC’s unions in Quebec to pressure Ottawa during this crucial pre-election period. Many thanks to Alex Levasseur, president of the Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada (SCRC) for organizing the session and giving an articulate defence of the Corporation’s mandate and financial crisis.

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