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Fighting for the future of CBC: what the Guild is doing

Here’s an update on what the Guild and members are doing on several fronts to fight for the future of the CBC in the face of punishing federal budget cuts. We are:

– Appearing today at the CRTC to argue for the continuation of the Local Program Improvement Fund, which supports public and private broadcasters in small markets. CBC and Radio-Canada get some $40 million from the fund, which is created from 1.5% of annual cable and satellite fees. Some cable and satellite companies want the fund to end. This fund is in jeopardy, which would be a second major blow to CBC programming. Read our brief here.

– Working with Reimagine CBC on an exciting campaign to engage Canadians in a discussion about the future of CBC and public media. You can contribute to the online forum here. You have an important perspective on this issue. Please participate!

– Supporting Reimagine CBC’s campaign to reverse the budget cuts. The petition is live at http://reimaginecbc.ca/connected .

– An op-ed from the Guild appeared in this week’s Toronto Star about the situation CBC is in. You can read it here. Please share it around and “Like” it on Facebook.

We are also looking at the impacts of cuts to TV production, music recording and music programming in the Atlantic. More information on that will follow.

In the meantime, Guild staff and volunteers are busy preparing to ensure that members’ rights are respected when CBC implements its downsizing plans. We will send out regular clear updates and information on that process.

If you want to *very* regular updates to what the Guild is up to, follow @CarmelCMGpres, @cmgveep and @karenatcmg on Twitter.

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