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Have you been roughed up while covering the Olympic torch relay?

The Canadian Media Guild is looking into recent reports that security officers attached to the Vancouver Games are being overly aggressive with media employees during the Olympic torch relay.

The latest incidents happened Friday when two Toronto Sun photographers were vigorously shoved by security while they were trying to get shots of the relay in Newmarket, Ontario. One of the two photographers was pushed to the ground and suffered a concussion.

“We’ve heard this is more common that you’d think so we need to find out more and take legal action if necessary,” says Lise Lareau, president of the Canadian Media Guild. “It’s important to establish ground rules before the Games begin in Vancouver.”

If you’re a CMG member involved in newsgathering, please let us know if you’ve faced aggressive behavior by security guards or police officers, and if so, please contact the Guild by writing to info@cmg.ca and describe what happened including when and where it happened, whether injuries were sustained and what action, if any, was taken by you or your employer

Feel free to pass this is on to any colleague you think may be interested, whether or not they are a CMG member.

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