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Media union kicks off new supports for freelance workers amid global challenges this International Workers Day

Freelance membership in Canadian Media Guild a creative avenue to mutual support, better contracts, sustainable health, safety and working standards.

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) and its parent union, CWA Canada, are pleased to announce a new union membership open to freelancers who work in media, creative, communications, IT and knowledge production.

As forerunners in representing freelancers at CBC, CMG’s Freelance Branch has harnessed its decades of expertise with independent contractors in broadcasting in building comprehensive union services tailored to this class of unprotected workers.

“The massive technological and ownership changes in our industries have isolated workers and put us more and more on the defensive,” says CWA Canada President, Martin O’Hanlon. “Freelance producers are caught between a market hungry to profit from information, entertainment and audio visual media, and consumers who’ve become used to thinking this work is free and anonymous.”

CMG President Carmel Smyth emphasizes that freelancing is a living like any other job. “But when you have to source your gigs from day to day, the stress contributes to burnout, vulnerability and can compromise health and safety. There’s zero safety net. We can help change that.”

On International Workers Day, we recognize that freelance work is increasingly global, and digital media and Internet-based work can lead to greater isolation. With a union membership that has no borders, CMG Freelance invites Canadian and international freelancers to find a home and build a community with us, no matter where they are working.

Veteran freelancer Don Genova, President of CMG Freelance, believes it’s an exciting time to be a freelancer. “Many of us have been lone wolves for so long, but we need each other more than ever – across skill sets, age groups, cultural differences, even national borders. CMG aims to facilitate collaboration, cooperation and raise the value of all our work.” See more at cmgfreelance.ca.

For more information or to join us, contact datejie cheko green at datejie@cmg.ca or 1-800-465-4149 or 416-702-6822 (mobile)

For further information:

Contact for media interviews:
Jeanne d’Arc Umurungi (jeannedarc@cmg.ca)
Canadian Media Guild
1-800-465-4149 or 416-708-4628

For more information:
datejie cheko green
Freelance Organizer, Canadian Media Guild
1-800-465-4149 or mobile: 416-702-6822

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