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Open letter to Quebec Premier Jean Charest

Dear Premier:

It has been almost two months since Quebec Sports Minister Michelle Courchesne berated Canadian Press reporter Jocelyne Richer in front of her colleagues because she reported a quote that the minister viewed as unflattering.

The quote of the Minister was accurate and in context. The Canadian Media Guild and the Quebec Press Gallery condemned the actions of the minister and La Presse Canadienne registered a complaint with your office.

We are troubled that you have not responded.

Why does this matter? Every time a person of power tries to intimidate a working reporter, it’s an attack on the fundamental right to freedom of expression and on the independence of the media.

I urge you to send a message that harassment and intimidation of journalists are not tolerated by your government. We ask that you respond urgently to the complaint filed by La Presse Canadienne and we ask that your Minister issue a public apology to Ms. Richer.


Lise Lareau
National President
Canadian Media Guild

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