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Open letter to striking WGA members

On behalf of the 6,000 members of the Canadian Media Guild ? people who work at CBC/Radio-Canada,The Canadian Press, Reuters, TVO, TFO, Alliance Atlantis, APTN, S-VOX and other media employers ? I am here today to support our colleagues who are fighting for their fair share of the digital revolution.

We, too, have fought for fair compensation for our work, no matter where it ends up getting used.

Our parent union, the Communications Workers of America, has taken an ad in Variety magazine this week. Here is an excerpt:

“Writers have always inspired us with their creativity. Now you’ve inspired us with your bravery.”

Many of our members know what it is like to be on the picket line. Two years ago, the CBC locked out 5,500 of us. But we fought back ? and won ? and we did it the same way you’re doing it now. We did it by using the internet ? blogs, podcasts and other online connections ? to involve Canadians directly in our struggle.

May your words on the line bring you a fair and just settlement.

For more information about the strike, visit www.wga.org and www.unitedhollywood.blogspot.com.

Lise Lareau
Canadian Media Guild

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