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Passionate advocates speak up at “For the Love of CBC” Concert

Last night’s sold-out event at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa brought together 900 passionate advocates from Ottawa-Gatineau and other parts of Canada calling for a strong and vibrant national public broadcaster.

Close to 1,200 Canadians watched online as artists and prominent Canadians called for better funding for CBC/Radio-Canada.

Chris Hadfield
Chris Hadfield


Astronaut Chris Hadfield told the crowd “It is CBC that joins this whole country together”, while Sarah Slean said “CBC is the sound of home.”

Gregg Keelor of Blue Rodeo composed an original song for the occasion called Stealing My Dreams. He was moved to write it because CBC is such a part of his life: “When I got back from New York in the 80s, I turned on the CBC and it sounded like from another world. I immediately  loved its speed, its intelligence that inspires.”

The concert was organized by an Ottawa group composed by long-time CBC/Radio-Canada fans and supporters.


Sarah Slean
Sarah Slean


This is the third in a series of sold-out concerts calling for better funding and guaranteed independence for CBC. Over 500 cards were signed and sent to the Finance Minister demanding CBC funding be restored. Organizers hope the concert will help make CBC funding an issue in the next election.

CMG continues to work with communities across the country to support the CBC.




Madeleine Meilleur
Madeleine Meilleur

More here: https://www.facebook.com/ChampionCBC.DefendonsSRC

Carmel Smyth
National President, CMG


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