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Share your unique perspective as media workers with the Heritage Minister

Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly recently launched a comprehensive review of Canada’s media and cultural sectors. In her words:  “everything is on the table”.  With the limited information the minister is providing, this  seems to mean  reviewing the mandate of all media and national cultural institutions, as well as the legislative and regulatory mechanisms that govern them such as the Broadcasting Act and the CRTC.

This proposed review is to be comprised of two parts, starting with an online survey titled “Strengthening Canadian content creation, discovery and export in a digital world ”. Because such a review was not included in the Liberal platform during the recent federal election, nor in the Heritage Minister’s mandate letter, we are placing our trust in the minister’s avowal of support for the media and cultural sector and its long-term healthy future, as well as her government’s stated commitment to the role of journalism in a democracy.

CMG will be monitoring this process and sharing more details as they become available, and will be involved in the review as much as we are able. These are some of our priorities, and we urge you to share them:

-the ability of Canadians to tell their own stories on all platforms
-access to high-quality local news and information in both official languages and Indigenous languages
-an independent national public broadcaster on all platforms, and other public service media
-quality broadcasting service regardless of geography
-quality journalism and its key role in a democracy
-stable jobs in media and creative/cultural industries
-the economic impact and value in Canada of a vibrant, creative, cultural, media, production sector
-issues related to media concentration

As citizens in a democracy and media workers, you have a  unique perspective. This is invaluable. That’s is  why we are encouraging you to take a few minutes to fill out  Minister Joly’s survey to share your ideas. Click here (http://pch.sondages-surveys.ca/s/dwc/?l=en) for the survey (deadline May 20).

We know how busy you are, and this is 15 minutes you don’t have, but your work and the future of quality media, journalism and production may depend on your responses.

The creation and production of original Canadian programs and content is a priority. Let’s tell the Minister why.


Carmel smyth,
National President, Canadian Media Guild

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