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Tell the CRTC to limit concentration of media ownership

Media ownership is more highly concentrated in Canada than almost anywhere else in the industrialized world. As of 2005, almost all private Canadian television stations are owned by national media conglomerates … and the most-read newspapers are owned by the same corporations that own television and radio stations.

That means a handful of conglomerates control what Canadians can most readily see, hear and read. It means less local and regional content and less analysis of the events that shape our lives. It also means less media choice for Canadians and fewer jobs for Canadian media workers.

The Canadian Media Guild is participating in a campaign to get Canadians to tell the CRTC to “Stop the Big Media Takeover.” The CRTC will be holding a hearing in September to look at measures to ensure a “diversity of voices” in the country’s media. It’s important that the regulator hear from more than just industry lawyers.

Hundreds of Canadians have already sent a message to the CRTC. Please join them.

Click here to send your message today.

Please pass this message on to family and friends right away. All comments must be sent to the CRTC by July 18.

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