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1.5 % across-the-board wage increase for Guild members at CBC

The Guild and CBC have agreed to a wage increase of 1.5% for 2013-14. The increase will be effective April 1, and be reflected in the May 2 salary deposit. Although the Treasury Board of Canada is not providing funding to the CBC for salary increases this fiscal year, the Corporation has found money in its operating budget to honour its commitment in the agreement with the Guild.

“Our focus is on avoiding job cuts,” says Marc-Philippe Laurin, CBC Branch President for the Guild.  “We know the last year has been difficult for everyone. The Guild will continue to discuss with CBC management its plans for dealing with the continuing impact of the $115 million federal budget cut that was announced in 2012.”

We are still waiting for the CRTC decision on CBC licence renewals.  In the Guild’s submission and at the hearing, we called for a $60 million fund from approximately 0.75% of gross BDU revenues to support local and regional programming by public broadcasters, including CBC.

We will keep you updated on any developments.

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