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1.5% wage increase for Guild members at CBC

The Guild and CBC have agreed to an across-the-board wage increase of 1.5% for 2012-13. The increase is retroactive to April 1, 2012. Employees will see the increase and the retroactive amount in the June 14 salary deposit.

“Our approach in this was to recognize CBC’s financial constraints while ensuring that base salaries don’t move backward because of inflation,” says Guild senior staff representative Dan Oldfield.

The Guild continues to meet with CBC management about the Corporation’s plans to address the funding cuts from the federal government with a view to avoiding future job cuts.

Local committees are meeting in each location affected by the cuts to ensure that members’ rights are respected.

The union also continues to support the Reimagine CBC campaign, which is helping to build a new constituency for public media in Canada. We hope the campaign will help provide impetus for the federal government to reinvest in public media. You can find out more about the campaign at www.reimaginecbc.ca. Tens of thousands of Canadians have already signed a petition, contributed ideas, attended local events and responded to the new survey about priorities for the future of CBC.

For more information, get in touch with the Guild (info@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-9833.

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