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18 disguised layoffs in Vancouver amid big changes at Radio-3

Radio-3’s web magazine has been canned! As a result, the 25 people currently working for Radio-3 in Vancouver and elsewhere in the country are expected to compete for 18 new jobs if they want to keep working for the Corporation. The posting went out nationally Wednesday and those not selected will be declared redundant. Only four existing jobs will be saved.

In announcing the news to staff, English radio VP Jane Chalmers said the restructuring is not for financial reasons. She claims it is important for Radio-3 to improve its competitive position in the national radio market. The changes are, in part, in anticipation of a possible satellite radio license for the CBC. However, it is not clear when and if the Corporation will get the nod for the service from the CRTC.

The Canadian Media Guild condemns the CBC’s blatant disregard for our contract by forcing employees to reapply for their own jobs. The Corporation’s action amounts to disguising layoffs. It must reconsider the way it treats people when work is reorganized for whatever reason. In this case, CMG wants the current employees, who have won awards and praise for their work at Radio-3, to be reassigned automatically to the new format.

The Guild is taking the unusual step of asking other members to consider not applying for the posted Radio-3 jobs (or withdrawing, if you`ve already applied) in support of the affected employees. It is a matter of fairness. We hope to send a clear message to CBC managers that their approach will not be tolerated by the Guild or its members.

Feel free to contact National President Lise Lareau (lise@cmg.ca) at 1-800-465-4149 or 416-591-5333 or CBC Branch President Arnold Amber at 416-205-7847.

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