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A Time for Fairness: an open letter to Lisa de Wilde, CEO, TVOntario

Dear Ms. De Wilde,

We are writing on behalf of the employees of TVOntario. The announcement yesterday of the outcome of the Strategic Review has created a great deal of concern and uncertainty among your employees at a time when many are embarking on annual leave, or when programming is on hiatus.

Already some employees have been instructed to pack up their belongings and be ready to move ? not knowing where they are going or, in some cases, what they will be doing. This is particularly true for employees whose programs have been cancelled.

We call on you to ensure that through this time of change, all processes will be conducted in complete openness and transparency. This is particularly important when it comes to staffing and assignment decisions. We seek your guarantee that decisions around staffing of new and existing programs and content units will be fair and open. Employees need to know what opportunities exist and that they can express an interest in those opportunities.

Employees have felt excluded from any meaningful input into the review process. They have had a major initiative dropped on them with little or no time to contemplate its impact. Having some confidence that their expertise, knowledge and experience will be fairly considered will go a long way toward maintaining, or in some cases rebuilding, their trust that they can continue to contribute to TVOntario’s future.

We would be pleased to meet with you at the earliest opportunity to talk about a plan for handling the important issue of staff assignments.


Carol Burtin Fripp
President, TVO Branch

Dan Oldfield
Senior Staff Representative

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