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All CBC/Radio-Canada temporary employees to receive paid sick leave during pandemic

After continued pressure from CMG, CBC/Radio-Canada has agreed to extend paid sick-leave to all temporary employees for scheduled work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Corporation says it is taking this temporary step to ensure the health and well-being of the entire workforce.

The CMG applauds this proactive move to safeguard our workplace, and the well-being of all CMG members regardless of their employment status.

CMG asks Corporation to extend AL deadline

With uncertainty swirling around travel and leave, the CMG is asking CBC/Radio-Canada to extend the April 1st deadline to submit annual leave requests.

There is too much uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic for members to be forced to make leave plans at this time.

We have been advised that if anyone wants to carry over unused AL or TIL, they must speak to their managers. We urge CBC to put a fair and transparent policy in place to deal with carry-over requests across the country.
Working remotely

If you feel uncomfortable working in your workplace, advise your manager. You may be able to work from home.  CBC/Radio-Canada has not yet adopted a policy regarding remote work, but the union is asking that the Corporation review equipment, VPNs, and laptops to accommodate unanticipated increased need.

Medical notes

We continue to press the corporation to put a moratorium on sick-notes. Our concern remains that members, regardless of their employment status may put their health at risk by going to a hospital or clinic to get a note.

Although local managers are being advised to be flexible, the union is disappointed CBC is not yet  willing to lift the sick-note requirement.

Kits for reporters and shooters

The CMG is also asking that in addition to videographers,  all reporters who leave the office to conduct interviews and work with the public be equipped with safety kits which include gloves, masks and hand sanitizer.

Please read the guidelines posted on iO, and use the email info-2019-ncov@radio-canada.ca  for questions.  We know you have many. We’ve been told the Corporation will answer al questions within 24 hours.

Kim Trynacity,
President, CBC/Radio-Canada Branch, Canadian Media Guild (CMG) 

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