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Apply to be part of the CMG bargaining team at PMNA

With our collective agreement expiring in December 2023, it’s time to start preparing for the next round of negotiations at PMNA, including putting together a team and consulting members.

Are you interested in being part of our union bargaining team?

The role of bargaining committee member is open to everyone – If you would like to contribute your energy, talent and skill as a member of the CMG bargaining team at PMNA, please submit your name by April 15, 2023 to julieanne@cmg.ca.

It is not necessary to have bargained a collective agreement before.

The committee is responsible for all aspects of negotiations, including research, developing proposals, bargaining, and communications with the membership.

Bargaining committee members will be selected in April, and we will hold an introductory meeting in May.

If you have questions, reach out to CMG Staff Rep Julie-Anne Vondrejs at julieanne@cmg.ca

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