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Bargaining and your new CMG leadership

Happy New Year everyone!
First, we are pleased to confirm that the CP Branch at the Guild has a new leadership team.

Mike Blanchfield of Ottawa bureau fame is your new national President, Michel Saba from Montreal is Vice President and former president Terry Pedwell is now Secretary-Treasurer.

Your bargaining committee is also meeting with the Employer this week. Today, the committee is providing management with a comprehensive package aimed at improving your working environment.
At the same time, management has said it will provide us with its goals for this round of talks.

We will keep you updated on progress.

On Friday, we will be in arbitration with CP to fight for retroactive payment of the 1 per cent pay raise that wasn’t implemented until the first paycheques of 2020. It is the Guild’s position that the increase should have been implemented in July 2019 when members had their pensions transferred to CAAT.

We will keep you informed as that process unfolds as well.

Please feel free to contact us anytime we can be helpful. We appreciate your input and support.

Your Branch Executive:
Mike Blanchfield, President (mike.blanchfield@gmail.com)
Michel Saba, Vice President (michel012@hotmail.com)
Terry Pedwell, Secretary-Treasurer (tpedwell@hotmail.com)

Bargaining committee members are:
David Friend
Terry Pedwell
Colin Perkel
Michel Saba
Terri Theodore
Lucas Timmons
Karen Wirsig, Guild staff rep (karen@cmg.ca)

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