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Better communication among members means stronger union at CBC

The executive of the CBC Branch of the Canadian Media Guild is moving forward on a plan to improve its communications between the branch leadership and the location units and members across the country. To that end, we’ve identified Fiona Christensen as the Director responsible for Communication. Fiona sits on the branch executive as the Director representing small locations.

Over the coming months we’ll be working on a communications strategy, and in fairly short order, we’ll begin publishing a newsletter to keep you better apprised of what’s happening at the branch level within the Guild, and to connect the location units.

At this point, Fiona is looking for volunteers to sit on the communications committee and help with this effort. As well, it would be wonderful if we can identify people across the country who might be interested in contributing to such a newsletter, or assisting with other means of improving the flow of communication thoughout the branch.

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Fiona at fionasioux@yahoo.ca or give her a call at (867) 979-6128.

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