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Branch Quarters – Federal election: next steps


Branch Quarters
Edition #3
Fall 2021


A safe and happy fall to everyone!


> Federal election – next steps

One federal election down, and another one (hopefully) not too soon!

Congratulations to all members who crisscrossed the country, filed from unusual locations during a pandemic, met unrealistic deadlines, and made sure Canadians were getting the information they needed in the recent federal election. It was good to see and hear so many CMG members on the national television and radio broadcasts, and through the many online stories. And while it was the first federal election I haven’t covered in decades, I know how much heavy lifting is needed to cover campaigns, in front of the cameras and behind the scenes, let alone in these challenging times! It was good to take in all the great coverage CMG members were producing. Thank you, everyone.

I’m breathing a little easier knowing that defunding CBC English television wasn’t in the platform of the winning party. During the campaign, we queried the major parties about CBC/Radio Canada funding, and published the responses. Many CMG members and members of the public let us know they appreciated that we shared that message.

We must remain vigilant and keep letting federal decision makers know how urgent increased funding for the national public broadcaster is. I remain convinced targeted funding to convert more temporary employees to permanent is critical.

As soon as we know who is the new Heritage Minister, CMG will seek a meeting with the minister and with opposition Heritage critics to share our views on these and other issues.

> Vaccination

We are waiting for CBC’s response to the federal government’s requirements about COVID-19 vaccinations.

CMG welcomes the recent CBC decision to acquire information prior to implementing a potential mandatory vaccination program. However, the union urges extra caution as employers are legally required to protect the privacy of employees’ personal and sensitive health information.

Click here to read a summary of the legalities surrounding mandatory vaccination.

> Online Harassment of Journalists

CMG condemns the online harassment of journalists. It is heartbreaking in this day and age to see the ugly, often violent, racist remarks aimed at many female media workers and journalists of colour. We are committed to working with employers on protections and supports, and with other unions, anti-racism groups and journalism advocacy agencies to promote anti-racism, gender equity and a better understanding of the critical role journalism and an independent media play in society.   More

> Truth and Reconcilation

I thought I’d draw your attention to these reflections shared by a fellow CMG member (APTN) to mark the very first National Truth and Reconciliation Day on September 30, 2021.

Also, many members have registered to the free University of Alberta course, Indigenous Canada . The first 20 CBC members to complete the course and present their registration to the CMG will be reimbursed for their certificate cost ($60).                             

Local happenings

> Surveys

During this lingering pandemic, many locations have found it difficult to stay connected with the membership.
Surveys have been used to gauge reaction for everything from how members are feeling, to structural changes in their newsroom.

It’s important to note that despite best intentions, sometimes surveys can go off the rails if they’re not carefully designed and presented.

CMG is now developing a “best practices” guide on surveys, to share with all locations.

We’re also exploring training options for those interested in the fine art of effective survey development.

As a first step: if you’re considering a survey, please get in touch with your CMG staff rep for guidance.

> The view from the ‘inside’

Fully vaxxed, I hit the road a few times over the summer visiting members in Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

While some members are really glad to be back in the office, others are wondering why they can’t still work from home. We continue to press the CBC to offer flexibility to members when it comes to their work arrangements. It was good to get inside the Toronto broadcast centre and Vancouver station to speak with members and review conditions.



> Temporary Worker Training this month

Use our online form to sign up for the virtual ‘Know Your Rights’ training to be held October, 19, 20 or 21 depending on your location.

Info: write to sara@cmg.ca

> Consider putting your name forward

Nominations are now open for the CBC Branch’s Director for Prairies and the very first Precarious workers Director.
Deadline to apply: Oct. 13 – Details here

> Membership Card

In case you haven’t already, please sign up to get your CMG membership card.


> CMG staff and offices   > CBC Branch Executive Council
If you have something to share about your location, send me an email, and I’ll include it.Kim Trynacity
CBC Branch President

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