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Canadian Media Guild welcomes new CBC Board members

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) congratulates the five new members of the CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors announced today. These are the first Directors selected through a fresh appointment process unveiled earlier this year.

Our union recognizes the broad range of backgrounds and experiences the new Directors bring to their critical leadership roles at the national public broadcaster. We are pleased to note representation from across the country as well as private, public, and community-based experience. We are particularly thrilled that the Board now includes people who have direct experience working within the CBC, as well as those who are thoroughly familiar with its mandate.

Workers at the CBC are ready to join with the new Directors, as well as the full Board, to deliver the services the public expects from us. This is necessary in order to restore and build CBC/Radio-Canada into a public broadcaster that reflects the fullness of Canada’s aspirations and its expectations.

Because CBC/Radio-Canada is a public trust created to serve people across Canada, CMG has also recommended that employee representatives chosen by unions at CBC be part of the Board. Our candidates are not among the Directors announced today, but we hope that our recommendation to include employee representation and perspectives will be considered in future selections. 

In recognition of the central role CBC/Radio-Canada plays in the country’s media and cultural system, Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly stated this past Fall that “Never before has a public broadcaster been so needed, so vital, to so many. ” Joly also noted that “The CBC carries a huge public responsibility. Canadians’ expectations for it are fiercely high. They ought to be.”

The CBC plays a critical role in our cultural landscape, one that requires strong leadership and careful stewardship, and we wish the new Board members the greatest success. They have been appointed, on behalf of all Canadians, to help carry out the CBC’s mandate and to ensure the public broadcaster’s success for generations to come.

Jonathan Spence
President, CBC Branch, Canadian Media Guild

Kamala Rao
National President, Canadian Media Guild  

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