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Canadian Press dragging its feet on the issue of part-time work

The November 13 deadline agreed to by CP to respond to our list of proposed conversions to full-time status has passed, and we still have no indication of what – if anything – the company intends to do. The Guild is preparing to file a grievance on the issue.

A quick recap: the memorandum of agreement that the Guild and CP signed earlier this year established a process whereby the two sides would examine the situation of part-time employees who have been working on a full-time basis – defined in the collective agreement as more than 28 hours per week. Some of these employees have been working for the company for many years, and although some may wish to retain their part-time status, they should at least be offered the option of becoming full-time employees and gaining the additional stability that comes with that status.

In late June, the Guild presented its list of positions to be converted. Since that time, we have been waiting for answers from the company. The departure of Jim Jennings and Neil Campbell and the subsequent arrival of Malcolm Kirk delayed the process somewhat, but at a meeting in late October the company agreed to respond by November 13. The company is asking us to be patient, but frankly our patience has run out.

For more information please contact branch president Terry Pedwell or CMG staff representative Keith Maskell (keith@cmg.ca)

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