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CBC Branch – Job Strategy update

We know that our members’ work at CBC/Radio-Canada has changed over the years and continues to evolve. Some of this work has changed to the point where job descriptions no longer reflect the work carried out. CMG and CBC/Radio-Canada have therefore begun a process of identifying job descriptions that require examination and possibly modification.

CBC/Radio-Canada recently sent a communiqué regarding a joint CMG-management Job Strategy initiative to review job descriptions in a number of these classifications. This is not a review of all CMG jobs across the Corporation. The first stage of this review focuses on seven classifications: Reporter/Editor, Associate Producer, Video Producer, Broadcast Technician, Desktop Support Specialist, Senior Designer and Senior Communications Officer.

The review process involves collecting information via a questionnaire that has recently been sent, complemented by discussions with members in a number of locations across the country in both English and French Services.

It is important to note that, for the time being, questionnaires are going out only to those members working in the seven job classifications listed above. We strongly encourage those of you in these positions to fill out the questionnaire as fully as possible and to participate in the discussions if you receive an invitation. CMG is working with CBC to ensure that members in the classifications concerned are represented as broadly as possible in these conversations.
This information will be used to inform the rewriting of job descriptions in classifications where it’s clear the work has changed significantly. While management writes the job descriptions, CMG members on a joint Job Evaluation subcommittee will be involved in shaping them before the National Joint Job Evaluation Committee reviews them. Remember that a review of a given job does not necessarily mean that the pay band of that position will change. 

While the ultimate scope of the Job Strategy initiative is being determined, this is a good start. We will keep you updated.

Jonathan Spence
President, CBC Branch, Canadian Media Guild (CMG)

Marianne Malo Chenard
CMG Representative, Job Evaluation 

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