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CBC Branch Quarters -Fall 2022

Hello and welcome back!

Here’s to an autumn with more social outings and yet more assessment of what “normal” actually feels like these days.

It has been a busy summer for our union.

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to:


In early September, we sent this letter to CBC/Radio-Canada president and CEO Catherine Tait, and to each member of the board of directors. We took this action after hearing from members who were deeply troubled by the Corporation’s decision to challenge a CRTC order regarding use of the “n word” on a Radio-Canada program. We have yet to receive a response.

In AugustWe filed an appeal to the federal Cabinet calling for portions of the recent CRTC CBC/Radio-Canada licence renewal decision to be rescinded. We took issue with the watered-down requirements of Canada’s public broadcaster when it comes to providing multi-platform local news coverage in all markets across the country. We have also challenged the loose restrictions governing the use of Tandem, CBC’s sponsored content advertising platform.

In JulyWe filed a policy grievance challenging the way in which the CBC’s “teleworking” policy is being applied. Some members were told not to apply because their application would be rejected. We’ve also heard from members having difficulty with medical accommodations, and from those who work alone in an empty building but were denied the chance to do the same work from home.

In June – We held the first ever – long service award ceremony for temporary employees. It highlighted the need for the Corporation to adequately address the fact that many temporary workers have been working for decades, without becoming permanent employees with continued health benefits and a pension plan. Work on this campaign continues, stay tuned for next steps.

Ongoing – We continue to challenge the CBC’s decision not to share its pension surplus with our members. An arbitration hearing of the (2009) Memorandum of Agreement on Surplus Pension Sharing (MOA) began in the spring, and it continues through the fall. We’ll keep you posted.


The Ottawa Location held a welcome-back event Thursday, September 8. Members were invited to take their breaks, get a scoop of ice-cream and catch up with colleagues.








(From left to right: Caitlin, Anchal, Halima, Ash, Salma)


Training – Sign-up for the Guild’s one-day anti-racism and unconscious bias awareness training to be held October 14. Details here.

On the staffing front – We’ll soon be hiring a new CMG staff rep for Atlantic Canada. Stay tuned for details. Please reach out to your CMG staff rep for any concerns or issues.


Kim Trynacity CBC/Radio-Canada Branch President, CMG
CBC Branch Executive Council
CMG staff and office


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