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CBC Branch Quarters – It’s a wrap!


Branch Quarters
June 2021


Really ? Did anyone seriously want to sit in front of a screen to endure hours of debate, discussion and analysis of CMG/CBC branch bylaws and resolutions?  Turns out YES.

In the first ever “virtual” CMG convention, some 90 delegates braved Zoom fatigue and stiff legs to do the work of our union.

Hearty thanks to all the members who did the heavy lifting to ensure this happened – including:

BEC VP Harry Mesh (who really did everything), BEC Treasurer Lorne Shapiro, CBC Northern observer Matthew Martin, NEC VP Brent Cousland, CMG president Carmel Smyth.

CMG staff reps and office staff – thank YOU for the translation, keeping tabs on the chats, questions and answers. We could not have done it without all of you.

> Resolutions and more…

The national and CBC branch will soon have a Director of Precarious workers. It’s hoped that by appointing a director to oversee this file, we can devote more attention to the problems of ongoing and it seems increasingly precarious work.

With some locations having more than 30% of their workforce made up of precarious workers, it’s clear the work needs to be done. I don’t think 30% of the membership is on maternity / paternity leave at one time, hence the need to address this growing reliance on short-term replacements.

Summer forecast

Sticky and uncomfortable?  Let’s hope not.

We’ll be watching for a decision from the CRTC on the CBC’s licence renewal application, and how the regulatory agency assessed our union’s pitch  not to give the corporation a “blank cheque” when it comes to migrating as much content as it wants from television to the web.
> Another win

CMG recently won another arbitration when it challenged the ambiguity around the Hours Averaging agreement and the Canada Labour Standards Regulations, through a grievance.

The arbitrator ruled in CMG’s favour.  The ruling means that time off in lieu (TOIL) taken by an employee must no longer be subtracted from the maximum hours of work over a period of 26 weeks. The impact for members is that it will give them the ability to accept more overtime work or additional assignments or projects. 



> Return to work arrangements
For some members, September will mean returning to the office after working remotely since the beginning of the pandemic.

Other members have continued to work inside and in the field from the beginning.

We are closely looking at how the corporation plans to juggle the change in working arrangements across the board.

Our union has already asked the corporation for:

• “Danger-pay” – a salary top-up to acknowledge the added risk of working inside the building, or in the field

• “Remote-work stipend”- a one-time payment to cover setup costs of a home office.

Sadly, both were rejected. We DID however get “wellness” days , and we have asked for the days to be offered again.

> Future of YOUR work forum

Let’s meet in the fall to explore what kind of jobs we’ll be doing in future, from where, and how.

Details to come (thank you to Toronto LEC president Vish Gajadhar for already saying he is interested in this!)

This will be done virtually (for now).

> Vacancies

Members come and go from CMG work. The good news is there’s never of shortage of things to be done!

This fall we’re going to issue a call out for a new Prairie Director to sit on the BEC. Please join me in thanking Trent Peppler in Regina for holding the post since 2019.

We’ll also be looking for a Director of Precarious Workers to serve on the BEC, and we may change things up for the joint committees. Stay tuned!


> CMG staff and offices   

> CBC Branch Executive Council
If you have something to share about your location, send me an email, and I’ll include it.

Kim Trynacity
CBC Branch President


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