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CBC Branch Quarters – You’re getting a raise!


Branch Quarters
March 2021 _________________________________

Hello Friends,

This is the first quarterly newsletter for the CMG/CBC/Radio-Canada Branch members.

If you have something to share about your location, send me an email, and I’ll include it.




You’re getting a raise!

Everyone will be getting a 1.5% pay increase on April 1st, 2021. The raise also impacts freelance rates.

From now on, the yearly pay adjustment rate will be negotiated with CBC management each year until the expiration of the collective agreement. It is usually based on what’s being offered through the federal Treasury Board, as per the tentative agreement struck in February 2019 at the end of the last round of bargaining.

> On the job

Do you find yourself working above your pay grade?

Seek a temporary upgrade (TUG). It’s in  Article 38.2 of our collective agreement.

Employees temporarily assigned to perform the principal functions of a
higher paid classification for more than two (2) hours and no longer than a period of four (4) consecutive work weeks, shall receive a flat amount of twenty-five dollars($25.00) per shift.
Wondering if you qualify? Consult your regional CMG staff rep.

> Education is here

We’re  rolling out our much anticipated steward education! New Toronto staff rep Matt Douglas, in collaboration with other CMG staff reps, has finessed what was to be an in-person session  – to deliver virtually. The session covers the basics of being a union member, and added info if you’re in an elected position.

We launched the first sessions in Atlantic Canada in mid-March. French
training is March 29 and 30.

Watch for a training date for your location
> Say Wha ?????

The CMG appeared before the CRTC in January , to offer our recommendations for the CBC/Radio-Canada licence renewal.

We stressed the need for better funding, meaningful transparency around diversity and inclusion, opposition to Tandem, and the need to re-invest in local television news as well as radio programming.

CBC is after “flexibility” from the CRTC when it comes to moving television
hours or programming to digital.

We argued however, that moving so much content to digital, could very
well mean the real end of local supper hour TV shows.

> Future of Work

Management has announced new plans for working from home, in the workplace or hybrid options, to be rolled out in the fall.

There is still a lot to flesh out, including equipment or reimbursements, and the union has already heard from many members who have questions about how planned changes apply to them in their locations and work areas.

We will be in continuous contact with management on this, and keep you updated. In the meantime, please continue sending me, your local elected representatives, or CMG staff representatives your questions.



Congratulations to everyone for trying to stay connected during these weird times.

Saskatoon and Edmonton held game and trivia nights for their membership and Toronto has refreshed its FB page. Let us know what you’re doing: Info@cmg.ca


> Convention 2021

It’s not the usual type of get-together, but we’re doing a convention anyway.

You’ve probably already selected your location unit’s delegates. You can
also propose a resolution;  and if you are a delegate, bring all your good ideas.

If your region allows it – perhaps – just maybe – a few of you can gather around a big round table and pound your fists a few times. If not – you’ll have all of us there on your screen !

Considering a resolution?  Here’s a link: https://www.cmg.ca/en/2021/03/10/

> Zoom Town Halls

We’ve had a few virtual town halls since the pandemic started. They have
helped members connect on important issues, and allowed us to learn from each other or outside specialists. Here are some of the topics we covered:

• Temporary Employees
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Privacy
• Maintenance and I.T. review

If you have a suggestion for a Town Hall – send us an email info@cmg.ca



> New Committee Members

Here is who is on which national joint committee. These committees address such important issues as – health, safety, pension and benefits.Watch for opportunities when they come up.Being involved in a committee gives you valuable experience on advocacy, negotiations…and diplomacy.

Who is my staff rep?

We’ve added a few staff representatives over the last six months. Find out who your rep is here:https://www.cmg.ca/en/contact/staff/ .A staff rep can offer you advice about your collective agreement and your rights. It’s completely confidential. Go ahead – send them a text.







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