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CBC may appeal Olympic expense arbitration

CBC management has told the Guild that it has not yet decided whether to appeal an arbitrator’s decision on expense allowances at the Athens Olympics in 2004. Arbitrator Pamela Chapman ruled in November that the allowance rate should not have been less than that of the federal Treasury Board.

Ms. Chapman’s ruling left it up to the two sides to come up with a remedy or else come back for further hearings. The Guild has attempted to reach an agreement directly with the Corporation so that employees who did not receive adequate allowances nearly 18 months ago would finally get compensated.

Unfortunately, CBC management has told us they believe “there is no urgency to the situation.” So far, they have not been interested in negotiating a remedy based on the arbitrator’s decision and have signalled they may even appeal her decision to the courts.

“It is very disappointing that CBC management is dragging its heels on compensating employees fairly,” said Arnold Amber, president of the CBC branch of the Guild. “What’s even worse is that the Corporation seems prepared to spend even more money on lawyers’ fees rather than fixing this thing.”

For more information, please contact Glenn Gray (glenn@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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