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CBC national grievance committee establishes new protocol

The outgoing committee worked effectively to reduce the number of grievances so we can now focus on improving the process in order to avoid creating a backlog of grievances in the future.  The joint committee established a statement of “Principles and Interests” and agreed to ongoing guidelines. The two documents will help us resolve issues more efficiently, in a timely manner, and establish a protocol going forward.

The joint committee is also working to improve communication between the local and regional grievance committees and the national level.

We didn’t have any new grievances to discuss but did review the outstanding grievances.

CMG members:
Margaret FitzPatrick
Annick Forest
Marc-Philippe Laurin
John O’Connor
Bob Sharpe
Bruce May (CMG Staff Representative)
Louise St -Amand (CMG Union Services Coordinator)

CBC members:
Catherine Gregory
Loretta Hensel
Katherine Ilczynski
Dezi Singh
Scott Stewardson
Carl Swanston

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