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CBC should have informed employees of suspicious car

In January, a car parked across the street from the CBC building in Toronto became the target of investigation by the Emergency Task Force. Police wore blast protection suits and cordoned off the street in front of the CBC. The front doors of the CBC were locked by request of the police. Later, the ETF investigated suspicious suitcases near the car. CBC management did not inform all employees of the potential hazard in a timely manner.

According to federal law, employees have a right to know if there is a safety hazard and a right to refuse to work if they believe they are in danger. As an employer, the CBC is obliged to take reasonable precautions to protect employees.

The Guild raised the matter with management on the day in question and at follow-up meetings because the union was concerned about the delay in notifying members of the potential hazard. The Guild also wonders whether precautionary measures should have been taken to ensure employee safety. The Corporation has acknowledged there are lessons to be learned and has committed to reviewing the incident and its health and safety procedures in consultation with the joint health and safety committee.

For more information, contact CMG staff representative Glenn Gray (glenn@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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