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CBC to contract out publicity

The CBC intends to contract out publicity services for English-language TV, radio and internet, work that is currently done by 33 members of the Canadian Media Guild across the country. The Corporation informed employees today of the plan to farm the work out to an unnamed private company, telling employees their jobs would come to an end by June 30.

The Guild will meet with the CBC to begin the process of finding employment alternatives for the affected employees. The union will endeavour to see that every member whose job is terminated has an opportunity for reassignment in a fair and transparent process.

As well, we have asked the CBC to urge the contracted company to hire those of our members who may wish to follow their work.

The Guild is dismayed that the CBC is once again planning to sacrifice its employees in a quest for so-called efficiencies. The CBC has not given employees and their union the opportunity to provide alternatives to contracting out. Just last week at the forum held for CBC brass and union leaders, the Guild made a pitch for a partnership with employees.

“We don’t understand how the CBC can possibly save money with this move,” says Lise Lareau, National President of the CMG. “We know that salaries outside the CBC for this kind of work are about the same as, or higher than, salaries inside.

“So much for a partnership with employees. The CBC seems perfectly willing to give up on years of knowledge, experience and CBC-specific expertise in favour of the illusion of saving money.”

The CBC contends that contracting out publicists will result in $864,000 in savings for the communication department. The Guild has doubts about that assumption and will study the Corporation’s business case to provide an analysis to our members shortly.

For more information, please contact the Guild (guild@interlog.com) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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