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CBC TV design department layoffs delayed until May 2007

We are pleased to tell you that CBC and the Canadian Media Guild have reached an agreement regarding the CBC Design Department. As a result, CBC will defer the closure of the Design Department and delay the layoff of the affected employees from that department until May 31, 2007.

This delay has been implemented, in part, to permit the Guild the opportunity to explore potential alternatives and to conduct a financial feasibility study on a possible employee cooperative or other alternatives to compete for future business at the CBC and other broadcasters. The delay will also apply to the disposal of associated props, sets, costumes and other equipment. The decision will also allow CBC programmers and co-productions to prepare for the coming change.

Employees in the Design Department will continue to enjoy all of their rights under the layoff and recall provisions of the collective agreement between the CMG and the CBC.

Other redundancy notices issued on April 20 outside of the Design Department will remain in effect.

The agreement was a difficult one to reach for both parties but management and CMG leadership believe it could mark the beginning of a new era in union-management relations at the CBC. CBC and CMG are working hard to improve our relationship and this agreement is an important investment in achieving this. We will keep you informed of any new developments.

Richard Stursberg
Executive Vice-President
CBC Television

Arnold Amber
President, CBC Branch
Canadian Media Guild

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