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CCSB freezes premium rates for CBC insurance plan

CBC employees enlisted in one of the optional insurance plans won’t be seeing any increase in their premiums for the next two years. At our latest meeting of the Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits (CCSB), we agreed to a two-year renewal of the Accidental Death and Dismemberment plan at the current rate, beginning April 1. The rate freeze reflects the fact that, thankfully, we haven’t had many claims on the plan in recent times.

We’ve seen half a dozen new claims so far this year on our long term disability plan. As of January 31, we had 285 CBC employees on LTD, which is down from our 2005 peak of 316 open claims. One thing we have seen is a decline in the number of psychological cases. LTD is the biggest employee-paid plan and one that we constantly monitor at the CCSB.

This past fall, the CCSB shared the cost of delivering the annual flu vaccination program. It came in at a total of $50,000. More than 2,500 employees took advantage of the vaccination program in 25 locations. That is slightly more than a quarter of the CBC’s workforce.

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