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Clarifying Zoomer policies and Getting ready for Collective Bargaining

Clarifying Zoomer policies

Our union met with Zoomer management on Tuesday, June 13 for a Joint Committee Meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the company’s future plans as we head into bargaining for a new Collective Agreement, and also to clarify the email sent out earlier in the week about members’ acceptance of new HR policies that will be filed in the ADP payroll system.

On the issue of policies, CMG was concerned that the memo implied that the rules – most of which are already captured in our Collective Agreement – had been arbitrarily changed. However, we were able to clarify with management that the memo was intended to harmonize the Sick Day and Extended Leave Policy,  and Vacation and Time in Lieu Policy for all non-unionized staff, and that the clauses in the Collective Agreement remain in effect for members of our bargaining unit. Therefore, there is no need for CMG members to sign these policies.

But management also told us that in order to ensure that the company is in compliance with guidelines mandated by their Board of Directors, they have asked that all staff at Zoomer indicate their acceptance of the revised Harassment Policy, Code of Conduct, IT Policy, and Whistleblower Protections. You will find these in the ADP menus, and in this case we do recommend that you read and indicate that you accept the terms of those policies.

Getting ready for Collective Bargaining  

Regarding our other goal for this meeting, our union executive team requested information about the company’s long and short term plans to help prepare for our next round of collective bargaining. It is our union’s practice to always ask about the company’s plans because we don’t want to go into negotiations with monetary or other compensation items that the company can’t deliver, either because it is in financial straits, or because it is trying to finance other projects and cannot make financial commitments to members.
Management assured us that there are no plans for further restructuring as was seen with the outsourcing of Master Control. They said they will soon have some idea of the budget for production and development in TV. 

As part of preparing for bargaining, we will be sending information on selecting a negotiating committee in the coming days, as well as links to a bargaining survey.

If you have any questions about the new HR policies or the upcoming negotiations, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Darren Gonsalves (dgonsalves1@gmail.com)
Acting President, Zoomer Branch, Canadian Media Guild

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