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CMG member survey – Employment equity at CBC

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we watched social and political upheavals erupt in the United States and here in Canada following the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police, and the aftershocks of that violence have had significant impact  across the country, including at the CBC. It’s with these realities of racial inequity in mind that your fellow union members who serve on a CBC–Union equity committee have identified the need for a survey to find out from you how you are feeling about your place in the wider CBC community.   

The mandate of the Joint Employment Diversity and Inclusion committee (JEDI) is clear: under federal Canadian labour law, CBC must comply with the federal Employment Equity Act which directs Crown corporations, among other employers, to hire, promote and report employment statistics for employees from the four designated groups: women, members of visible minorities (it’s an old term but it’s in the Act), Indigenous peoples and persons with disabilities.

The JEDI committee includes CBC People & Culture Management, and representatives from CMG and other unions at CBC. Our goal is to ensure the public broadcaster fulfills its obligations to hire and promote workers from the four designated groups.

The survey we are conducting is focused on anti-racism at CBC.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey we sent you by email. The deadline is Thursday, October 1st and all responses will remain confidential. The results of the survey will be shared only with the CMG JEDI committee members and our Branch Executive committee, and will serve as guidelines to shape our action and our response to management initiatives.

In solidarity,

CMG members of the Joint committee for Employment Equity at CBC/Radio-Canada:

Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski, Co-Chair
Sujata Berry
Khaleel Mohammed
Adrian Harewood
Terri Monture, CMG Staff rep


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