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CMG members at TVO have a new Collective Agreement 

The CMG members at TVO ratified a collective agreement with their employer Sunday (Nov. 5, 2023). 

For 77 days our 70 plus members who produce the current affairs program The Agenda, online news, online curriculums and other TVO offers for Ontarians of all ages, stood strong on the picket lines: the in real life picket line at 2181 Yonge St. in Toronto and the digital picked line out there on social media. 

The creativity of our TVO workers was on full display as they brought their message to Ontarians. 

On the line, during protests and at the Ontario legislature, our members stood up for the rights of workers. Their efforts brought forward a wave of solidarity from labour organizations, other unions and politicians. The CMG is grateful for this unwavering show of support. 

Throughout the 11 weeks, talks with the employer never stopped and last Wednesday a tentative agreement was reached. 

Wage increases: 

3.00% on October 8, 2022
2.75% on October 8 2023 
1.75% on October 8 2024 

The use of contract work by TVO had been an important irritant for CMG members. Language was included in the contract to prevent the use of contracts to replace permanent and temporary workers. 

A pathway was established for members to move from a classification with dwindling numbers of positions to another that was expanding and sick-day meetings with management were moved from the 5th to the 8th instance of illness in a calendar year. 

Last week, two more items were brought to the table: going forward, CMG members will have access to $500 a year for training, and CMG members at TVO have a one-time opportunity to opt for a voluntary resignation giving them access to their severance rights under their collective agreement. 

Regular meetings between CMG members at TVO and the employer will also take place with the goal of continuing to improve labour relations and the the workplace environment for all. 

Annick R. Forest
604 968-3304 

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