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CMG recalling hard copies of Collective Agreement – Correct version available on cmg.ca


The Canadian Media Guild  is issuing a recall notice of all hard copies of our collective agreement (CA) with Thomson Reuters.

We have discovered misprints in copies of the collective agreement currently in distribution.

The incorrect articles in current hard copies of the CA are Articles 18– Reduction of Staff, 19– Expenses and Equipment, and Article 25– Term and Renewal.

We have attached corrected copies of those articles with the proper language that should replace what is currently in hard copies of the CA.

You will also find a full correct copy of the Collective Agreement here:  http://www.cmg.ca/en/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Thomson-Reuters-agreement-2015-2018-Aug18-Rev3DL.pdf

We have new CA books on order and will have them in your hands soon.

Misprints not present in original proof

The union representatives and human resources personnel at Thomson Reuters who were in charge of administering the CA missed the errors as they have been working from the original proof documents that had the correct language.

The misprints were not present in the original proof of the CA books that were printed.

We have learned that the misprint in subsequent copies of the CA books happened after the proofs of the document were verified. The final version (V3) was sent to the printers and the (V3) proof was sent back for review. However, when we ordered (V3) to be printed, somehow an older version of the CA was printed but with the proper cover page. In other words, the printers ran the 2013 to 2015 copy of the CA but with the (V3) cover.

We apologize for this error and ask that you contact one of us if you think you may have been affected by this mistake.

The incorrect CA books should be destroyed and can be dropped off to a CMG elected officer at your location.
In Solidarity,
Hyungwon Kang, CMG Branch President at Thomson Reuters (cmg.kang@gmail.com)
Alastair Sharp, CMG Treasurer at Thomson Reuters (alisharp@gmail.com)
Matthew Douglas (matt@cmg.ca), CMG Staff Representative)

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