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CMG response to CBC’s announcement of a vaccination survey

CMG welcomes CBC’s decision to acquire information prior to implementing a potential legally enforceable mandatory vaccination program.

However the union urges extra caution as employers are legally required to protect the privacy of employees’ personal and sensitive health information.

CMG encourages members to complete the declaration. We are assured by CBC that your information will be confidential.

As governments and industry move towards mandatory vaccinations, it has become clear the best way to ensure a safe workplace free of Covid19 transmission is to rely on universal vaccinations and other well-established health and safety protocols.

To ensure the safety of our members in the workplace, it is CMG’s position that being vaccinated is the best way forward. The union also wants to ensure adequate accommodations for the small number of members who, for legitimate and documented reasons are unable to be vaccinated.

As the corporation works through its vaccine policy, there are many unanswered questions; including  any potential ramifications of refusing to complete the survey or accepting a vaccination, and how this personal health information is safeguarded in the future.

CMG will continue to press the CBC for answers on these and other issues, while continuing to represent all members, as we are legally obliged to do, regardless of their vaccination status.

In the meantime, please read this detailed summary of the legalities surrounding mandatory vaccination:


It was compiled and written by CMG’s lawyers in response to the many questions about the role of a union during a public health crisis.


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