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CMG staffing updates – Staff rep assignments at CBC/Radio-Canada

This is to let you know of some staffing updates at the Guild, along with related assignment changes.  


As always, our goal is to serve members better in all locations at CBC/Radio-Canada:  


We are pleased to welcome Ryan Toews who comes to us from the University of British Columbia Faculty Association where he served as a Membership Services Officer. He will be working with members in Toronto in Editorial, Regional Programming, Radio Production, News Production and TV News 4th Floor and business affairs.   

You can reach him at ryan@cmg.ca.   


We are also grateful for two previous CBC/CMG employees who are on board to help us out until June/July: Glenn Gray and Wendy Martin. We want to thank them both for lending their expertise while we have been short staffed.  


Wendy is covering our Eastern locations until we have a new staff representative hired and onboarded in the next couple of months.    

You can reach her at wendy@cmg.ca 


Glenn is working with members in Newsgathering and Operations (Camera and Edit Departments), Marketing, Communications and Content Operations (Unscripted Content/Glenn Gould Studio), Entertainment, Factual & Sports, Finance/Media Sales, Kids, Shared Services (SSO), Administration.  He will be with us for a couple months and covering the same areas as our new incoming staff representative Karren Hwang who will be starting at CMG on March 27.  

You can reach Glenn at glenng@cmg.ca 


Matt Douglas, our Senior staff representative will now be working with Guild members in Technology and Infrastructure (Maintenance and MPC), foreign correspondents, IT, Transmitter services and with members in Windsor, Hamilton, and Kitchener-Waterloo. He will also handle escalations, policies, education and mentoring.   

You can reach him at matt@cmg.ca 


Please also note that CMG staff representative Joël Tétreault has now taken over service to members in Saskatchewan locations. He also covers CBC Winnipeg and Thunder Bay. Any questions you have for these locations should now go to him.    

You can reach him at joël@cmg.ca 


CMG staff representative Marianne Malo Chenard will continue to work with members in Western and Northern locations, including BC, Alberta, NWT, and the Yukon. 

You can reach her at marianne@cmg.ca  


And CMG Staff representative Olivier Desharnais-Roy will continue to work with members in Ottawa, Sudbury, Nunavut and Francophone members in Ontario and Eastern Canada.     

You can reach him at olivier@cmg.ca  


Click here to see CBC committee assignments for all Guild staff representatives.


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