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CMG to meet with CP management over announced cuts in Quebec bureaus

On Thursday, The Canadian Press announced that it will reduce the number of employees based in Montreal and Quebec City. In an effort to reduce or eliminate the need for involuntary layoffs, the company plans to offer a voluntary departure program (VDP) for employees. That program will be negotiated with the Guild in the coming days.

At this point very few details are available. We expect to learn more in the course of our discussions about the VDP. In the past, such programs have been successfully implemented, and it has been nearly 20 years since the last involuntary layoff at The Canadian Press.

“Whether people are going out the door under their own steam or not, there will be less service for clients and consumers. The impact will be felt not just in Quebec, but across Canada,” says Terry Pedwell, president of the Guild’s CP branch. “We will negotiate the best possible arrangement for those who may consider applying for the VDP, but we go into these discussions upset and dismayed by the fact that in the end, there will be fewer people working at The Canadian Press.”

We will continue to consult with our leadership team in Montreal and will keep you posted as soon as details come to light.

For more information, contact Keith Maskell at keith@cmg.ca.

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