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Congratulations to CP colleagues

Your union is honoured to share members’ pride in excellent work, as three of our colleagues, Canadian Press photographers, get National Newspaper Award nominations.
Proof once again – if any was needed – that CP talent pool runs deep.
Congratulations to: 

Andrew Vaughan  for a truly original picture during Hurricane Dorian,  in Halifax. His work symbolizes the resilience and exceptional work of all Halifax staffers in a greatly downsized bureau, who produced stellar work during Dorian.

Darryl Dyck for a stunning art-image of a child swimming in a glass bottom pool in Vancouver

and to Jason Franson for his cringe-worthy image of an eye-gouging fight.

Thank you for your work, making us all look good,  inspiring excellence, and giving us something to smile about in these difficult times. 
Details on the award presentation are pending. But there is no time like the present to say ‘well done, hats off’, to the creators of these evocative and timeless images.

In solidarity,

Mike Blanchfield, President, CMG at The Canadian Press
Carmel Smyth, National President, Canadian Media Guild

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