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Corus bargaining update – Management’s latest position

We met with Corus management today and yesterday. We told them that we had met with most of you and the message we received was very clear:  keep bargaining and solve the wage disparity issue.

Unfortunately Corus’s bargaining committee said that their mandate from senior management had not changed. They said they had no authority to propose any additional money, nor could they agree to a collective agreement that goes past May 1, 2018.  

We will now to try to get senior management’s attention. We want Corus to live up to its own stated values

We’ve set up a website to explain how Corus has been acting. Check it out: www.cmg.ca/corus

Pass the link on to your friends and lists. Over the next days we will be promoting the site on social media and in other ways.

Let us know if you have questions or input. We’ll need to keep working together to get the best negotiated agreement possible.

CMG bargaining committee at Corus:
Carlos Cabezas – INR
Dan Ryan – INR
Alexa Smith – Master Control
Craig Jasman – Engineering
Paul Stilo – Engineering
Matt Douglas, CMG Staff Rep (matt@cmg.ca)
Sean FitzPatrick, Legal counsel for CMG

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