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CP/BN: Members named to joint committees

Canadian Media Guild/CP committees are the way we interact and work with the company on important issues when we are not bargaining. A number of committees are set up in our contract dealing with health, pensions, training and benefits.

During the last round of negotiations we streamlined the list, deleting some committees that were no longer needed and adding new ones we felt could make a contribution.

We want committees that do real work and after consulting with you, the Branch Council has selected members from across the country who have volunteered to contribute their time and energy to these vital committees. We believe they have the talent, experience and other qualities needed to make sure these joint committees serve the interests both of employees and CP/BN.

It’s important that you know who these people are; they need your support and feedback to do the jobs they’ve taken on. They will also be communicating regularly with you on their work. What follows is a brief explainer as well as a list of the Guild representatives on each of our committees. Feel free to talk to the reps about any concerns or questions you might have.

? Employer-Employee: this is a forum for senior managers and Guild leaders to discuss big picture issues like the company’s future direction and proposed major changes. Guild reps are Colin Perkel, Branch President; Martin O’Hanlon, Branch VP; Gillian Livingston, Branch Secretary-Treasurer and Guild rep Kathy Viner. This group will be supplemented by others depending on the topic.

? Training: This beefed-up committee will help ensure that staff across the country are adequately trained in accordance with company objectives. Guild members are: Greg Joyce, co-chair; John Cotter, Angela Pacienza and Al Black.

? Health and safety: Ensures compliance with federal statutes and deals with a wide array of health-related issues such as ergonomics. Guild reps are Alain Usereau, Sylvia Strojek and Gillian Livingston.

? Pension: Trustees administer our all-important pension plan. Guild reps are Sandra Cordon and Scott Edmonds.

? Pension Design Review sub-committee: Scott Edmonds, Kathy Viner

? Benefits: Has under its purview all health benefits such as dental and medical coverage. Guild reps are Sylvia Strojek, Kim Weir and Bruce Cheadle.

? Employment Equity: examines ways to eliminate barriers that exist at CP/BN for women, visible minorities, people with disabilities and aboriginal people. The committee works to increase representation of these target groups in CP/BN’s workforce and ensures compliance with federal legislation. Guild reps: Lorrayne Anthony, Brian Daly and Rita Trichur.

? Shift Premiums: this work group will follow up on the analysis of all premiums: weekend, night diff. and possibility of overnight. Guild reps are Peter Cameron, Susan Leblanc and Richard Dufour.

? One Size Fits All (integration): This is a working group agreed to during negotiations that will look into the possible development of a hybrid news product to serve CP/BN and online clients. Guild reps: Roger Ward; Derrick Toth and Lorraine Turchansky; adjunct members are Tiffany Crawford and Dene Moore.

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