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CRTC acknowledges APTN’s exceptional contribution to Canada

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced today it is  renewing the Aboriginal People’s Television Network’s (APTN) mandatory carriage  status. The decision recognizes APTN’s unique role, and means North America’s only television network focused on Indigenous matters and run by Indigenous staff, will continue to share its brand of award winning news and  programming with all Canadians.

“We are excited that our contribution to the Canadian airwaves are being recognized and pleased that we can continue to fulfill our mandate to provide Indigenous programming for Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians,” said Derek Christianson, Guild president at APTN.

APTN had requested an increase in carriage fees of $0.15 per subscriber to keep pace with technology, and expand programming. The CRTC awarded a smaller increase of 6 cents per subcriber.

“While we are disappointed the CRTC did not award APTN the full increase it sought,  we are excited this unique network  will be able to continue the significant work it has been doing for the last 14 years,” said Carmel Smyth, CMG National President.

APTN’s licence has been renewed  until 2018.

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